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I'm Martina Alestahel, and since I was a little girl I love colors and shapes and all kinds of handicrafts.

Always fascinated me everything that was colorful and was surrounded by drawing materials and colored papers, pencils, art books and magazines, and all kinds of craft supplies ...

In particular, I became increasingly enchanted by the repetitive geometric figures arranged in a circular area. I could draw for hours, immersing myself in my drawing, being part of it, and living it from within. When I finished one of these drawings, I felt like I was returning from a beautiful trip to a magical and fantastic place. Without knowing it, at that time, I was drawing mandalas and had enjoyed their therapeutic effect.

In this space, I offer you my digital creations so that you can print them and accompany me on that beautiful journey, and also enjoy its therapeutic effects!


My passion is the visual arts

and I love to express this art

through digital mandala


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