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Colors and there meanings

Colors are also protagonists in the meaning of the Mandala itself, which is why chromaticism allows us to achieve various specific goals when it comes to meditating. For example, black means sadness and mystery, pink represents sweetness and serenity, yellow represents light and warmth, or white, which is the best ally of perfection and purification. The range of possibilities in terms of colors is immense, you just have to dare to let your imagination fly, unleashing your creativity. 


Meaning according to the colors of the chakras


Red; Root chakra (Muladhara):

I HAVE: It is the root of the physical and energy system.
Associated with the color red and with the earth element, the first of the energy centers that the anatomy of yoga identifies is related to our security and survival. It is located at the base of the spine and it can be said that it is our root, that which gives us physical and emotional roots. It is the energy that gives us the ability to satisfy our basic needs, it provides us with stability in life, as well as essential emotional security. Material and mental stability give us strength and calm. It is the chakra that is related to general health, the intestine, legs, feet, and the base of the spine. The first chakra connects us with our physical body and with all material forms of existence.
Benefits: Regulates circulatory problems and anemia. Increases the vitality of the physical body and the ability to fight for life. Provides help in depressive and apathetic states. Stimulates energy flow.
Planet: Saturn

Orange; sacral chakra (Svadhisthana):

I DESIRE: Regulates sensitivity and interpersonal relationships.
The second chakra vibrates orange and governs the sweetness of life. It is the energy wheel that is associated with qualities such as pleasure, sensitivity, movement, sexuality, and procreation. Its element is water and, therefore, it allows us to flow with circumstances and adapt to changes. In the body, it is related to the hips and genitals, reproductive organs, kidneys, and bladder. When Svadisthana chakra is open and in balance it brings us expansion, receptivity, connection with others, and a healthy manifestation of emotions. It gives us an openness to life experiences, it opens us to wonder and enjoyment of sensory experiences. The second is conceived as the chakra of the complementary polarities.
Benefits: Helps control colds, bronchitis, kidney problems, bladder, and bleeding. It is the color of abundance.
Planet: Jupiter

Yellow; Solar plexus (Manipura):

I CAN: It is the energetic center of personal and external power.
This chakra is associated with the color yellow and is located in the solar plexus. Its functions are related to power, will, and joy. Its element is fire. It governs the digestive system and symbolically, the inner fire of each one, be it the clarity of the path, the anger or the capacity for transformation. The third chakra has to do with personal power. It is reflected in assuming one's own life, in the capacity for action and self-affirmation before the world. It is the energy center related to self-confidence and self-esteem. This drive helps us to make decisions and face risks, to establish limits and needs before ourselves and others and gives us the will to achieve. It has to do with the principles on which we decide to live.
Benefits: Yellow helps in changes, to makes decisions, and brings mental clarity. It is the color to face our fears.
Planet: Mars

Green; Heart Chakra (Anahata):

I LOVE: It is the energy center of love.
The heart chakra, Anahata, is our spiritual center. Represents balance, union, healing, and love. It acts as a connection point between the physical world, to which the first three chakras belong, and the spiritual dimension, to which the next three are linked. It is the first chakra that transcends the ego. Its sense is touch, its element is air, and in the body, it governs the health of the respiratory tract. It is located in the heart and encompasses the upper chest. Green or pink in color, it empowers and revitalizes us with the power of love: compassion, integration with everything that manifests itself in the world as divine energy, harmony, forgiveness, family love, friendship, love. towards us. Air gives us life and has the quality of expansion and freedom.
Benefits: The green color calms the nerves and calms the spirit. It is the color of healing.
Planet: Venus

Blue; Throat Chakra (Vishuddha):

I SPEAK: It allows us to express ourselves and be in tune with our inner voice.
The fifth chakra is related to communication, sound, and creativity. It has a turquoise blue vibration and its element is ether. It is located in the throat, and in the body, it is related to the neck, throat, jaw, and teeth. As it is the energy center of creativity and communication, its energy is activated by writing, singing, expressing yourself clearly, and knowing how to listen. It is also associated with sound, with the power of speech to activate consciousness, and with the healing power of vibrations, from which the energy of everything that manifests originates. It is the first of the higher chakras and its name comes from the word "purification" because it helps us find and express our inner voice. This energy center opens our way to universal consciousness.
Beneficial: Helps control fever, eczema, flu, and inflammation.
Planet: Mercury

Indigo; Third eye (Ajna):

I UNDERSTAND: Connection point with extrasensory vision
The sixth chakra is indigo in color and its element is light. This energy center is located at that point that in the Indian tradition is defined as the "third eye", right between the two eyes. The third eye is conceived as contact with other levels of consciousness and with a vision that transcends matter. Some of its qualities are intuition, visualization, imagination, and clairvoyance. Physically its energy is connected with the sight, the head, and its mental qualities affect memory and the ability to concentrate. The strength of the Ajna chakra is intuition, our ability to connect with spirit, and universal wisdom. Typical of this energy wheel are imagination, artistic creation, dreams, and the power of visualizations.
Benefits: Helps to obtain strength and will.
Planet: Moon and Sun

Violet; Crown Chakra (Sahasrara):

I AM: Provides mystical guidance and a sense of integration with the Universe (Divinity).
The seventh is the chakra of pure consciousness. It is at the center of transcendence, though, and understanding. It is generally associated with the color violet, although its energy is also white: the highest vibration and the one that encompasses all existing colors. It is located in the crown and represents spirituality. Its element is thought, so it contains the power of the mind, the intellect and governs our belief system. In the body, its vibration is manifested in the bones and skin. Sahasrara chakra connects us with cosmic intelligence and gives us clarity and meaning in life. The seventh chakra tunes us into the grace of our true selves and opens us to devotion. It is represented as a hundred-petalled lotus flower, as a symbol of enlightenment.
Benefits: Helps control headaches, lumbago, and asthma, in combination with red.
Planet: Outside the solar system



It is emptiness, enlightenment, perfection, virtue, temperance, and integrity, empathy, loyalty, and innocence. It represents the connection with angels and spiritual life. It is the color of purity and goodness.



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