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Mandalas and Culture

Mandalas are not only collected in Hindu or Buddhist beliefs but can also be observed as protagonists in other cultures. Therefore, they are visible and quickly recognizable, in labyrinths of Gothic churches, the Andean chacanas or the diagrams, or Indian dream catchers. In addition, in certain magical rituals, the presence of circles has also been discovered with the aim of separating profane spaces from sacred ones.


What is the oldest mandala?

The solar wheel is the oldest representation found, dating from the Paleolithic era.


The oldest 3D (three-dimensional) mandala

The oldest three-dimensional mandala was created approximately 2,500 years ago by a Tibetan Buddhist monk. This mandala represents the history and evolution of humanity, for that reason, it is called by the name of "The origin of the universe" but is better known as "wire mandala".



Main forms of Mandalas

Although in principle, Mandalas maintain a basic and regular shape, they can be made with many more geometric shapes. Usually, the most common is that they are made within a large circle in which a rectangular shape is also included. In addition, there are also variations when making these representations depending on the culture. For example, in the Hindu, the yantras (geometric figures) stand out more, while in the Buddhist, the figures themselves attract more attention.
In general, the structure of the Mandalas starts from the cardinal axes, creating several regions or sections. Taking into account all the figures that invade a Mandala, the interpretations in terms of meaning can be very varied. Some of the most used forms are the triangle (vitality, transformation), the circles (security and true self), the square (stability and balance), the spiral (refers to certain energies that are capable of healing), the butterfly ( symbol of soul renewal) or the pentagon (which keeps the human body and the elements of earth, fire, and water in contact), among others.


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